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Nested Lands


A ruthless survival RPG in a post-plague medieval world full of cruelty and despair. Gather survivors, build a settlement, craft, master your skills, survive, and endure alone or in online co-op.


A devastating plague has swept through the world and utterly transformed it. Terrifying, morbid madmen twisted by the plague now roam the mangled lands. Bloodthirsty bandits lurk in the grim shadows. You have only two options: survive and endure, or perish and end up in a pile of rotting corpses that were once people.

Nested Lands is a multiplayer survival RPG set in a fictional dark Middle Ages setting that will severely punish you for the slightest sign of weakness. There is no place for hope in this hell where the remnants of humans, embittered and mutilated, pray to live another day.

Survive in a post-plague world

The disfigured nature of the world makes survival even more challenging. Before dealing with other imminent threats, you’ll need to make sure you have the necessities - a lack of medicine can kill you even faster than a foe’s vicious blade. Fortunately, the highly interactive environment can spell salvation for those who know how to use it.

Harsh weather and the coming winter are also your sworn enemies, and the highly detailed world full of random events won’t grant you a single moment’s rest.

Build your settlement

Try to start your life from scratch and build a new home. There are dozens of upgradable buildings and hundreds of objects to craft, decorate, and customize, as well as farms and animals. But don't let your newborn dynasty blind your vigilance -surroundings are swarming with embittered souls ready to spill your blood and rip you apart.

Recruit allies

The only way to break through the endless darkness of Nested Lands is to gather the few other survivors who share your plight, but have yet to fully give up hope. Save and recruit villagers during your journey across the world, But keep in mind that they will need your protection.

Make your name

Start from nothing. Rise from the bottom, overcome monumental challenges, and make your fame echo across the Nested Lands. But be careful - all your decisions will be carefully watched and evaluated. Will your name be praised by all, or will its very sound instill fear into the common folk who dwell in this massive open world? The choice is yours.


A highly detailed crafting system will provide you with countless possibilities to endure the unforgiving and brutal situation in which you find yourself. Use the interactive world to get the resources you need to build your settlement and survive.

Hone your skills

Feel the challenge of brutal battles and take time to improve skills that will significantly affect your combat, survival, and item management. But stay sharp - even heavy armor can fail to protect you against the frantic blows of a starving vagrant.

Play alone or with friends

Play your way - explore the Nested Lands alone, or embrace the horrors of this dystopian world with your friends in co-op mode.


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