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1M Bits Horde (“1M”) grants to you a worldwide access to our games after you purchase an original copy from one of the available official online stores. After the purchase, you have a non-exclusive, no-charge and royalty-free copyright license to reproduce, entertain, publicly display, publicly perform and distribute any kind of stream data or videos, subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Youtube, Twitch or similars.

You are authorized to stream, reproduce the game in videos, or through pictures, or any other media, as long as you have an original copy of the game ("demo" not included). That means, for example, as long as you have an original copy of the game(s), you may distribute your videos and media content in connection with that content as you see fit under this License. No other exercise of the license granted herein is permitted and in no event may the game(s) be used for any kind of prohibited content, material and similar by the laws of your country.

2. No Modification of the game License.

Neither this License nor any exercise of the license granted allow you to modifies the game data and code in any way.

3. Ownership and "monetization".

You are authorized to monetize your videos as long as it does not conflict with section 1 and 2.

This License is under constant development.

Last update 2023-01-25.

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