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Hey there

I'm Kikuchi, an experienced game developer living in Brazil.

This is my channel to talk about my new games. Currently, I work for Unity Technologies with some awesome people, bringing news about Unity and creating internal cool stuff. But also, I am an indie developer and I am always prototyping something. Check my games page so see what I am working on.

My goals

  • Polishing. Polishing. Details.
  • No Rush.
  • Research. Execute. Repeat.
A few years ago I released some games, many of those I would like to do in many different ways and fix my mistakes. I am proud of my work and the people that I worked with (great years), but still, there is much more I can do and learn.


If you want to get in touch, send an email to contact [at] 1mbitshorde.com.

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Who is behind SOTI?

Everyone is working part time on this game :)- not everyone is still with us anymore, but they all contributed for what SOTI is today.